Below you will find a copy of our class schedule and fees, A copy of the waiver all participants must sign before attending classes, and the general class syllabus.  participants will recieve copies of all the materials below so there is no need to print and bring this paperwork with you to the first class.  For more info please return to the classes/events page to complete the sign up form or email: 


Blacksmithing classes:

Participant ______________________ Age________________ Date_____________

Location - DogHouse Forge

                    3535 Reynolds Rd

      Lakeland, Fl


Instructors - Jonathan Porter and Alex Eisenberg

The goal of the Doghouse Forge instructional series is to provide the greater central Florida area access to and instructions in the art and science of blacksmithing and bladesmithing. Students are taught fundamentals through hands on lesson series and tested on those fundamentals at the end of each levels completion. Four levels of instruction are currently available, with each building on techniques learned in the previous classes. Each level requires the completion of a practical exam in order to advance into the next level.  Levels 1-3 focus on core techniques including basic metal movement techniques, twist techniques, two man work, and forge welding.  Upon completion of the third level testing, participants will be encouraged to select a focus in bladesmithing, artistic blacksmithing, or structural blacksmithing.   This fourth level allows students an open attendance with the Doghouse Forge as they complete their assigned lessons. This open attendance policy gives advanced level students the unlimited access they need to truly develop their craft. 

Class schedules and Cost June 2015 – January 2016: 

Fees include all tool usage, fuel, and materials needed to complete the lessons within each level. 

Single class - $100

Bi Weekly attendance  - $150/month

Weekly attendance - $275/month

Classes are first come first serve with returning students receiving first access to weekly lessons.  

Each class is restricted to six participants.  

Classes are offered Saturdays at 8am, 1030 am, and 1pm. 

Students can either chose single sessions, bi-weekly classes,  or weekly classes. The Doghouse urges those who wish to progress into the advanced bladesmithing and blacksmithing classes to take classes weekly as the strength and endurance needed to complete these advanced forging requirements will be difficult to achieve without regular forging practice. 


Liability and danger disclosure waiver

Participants need to be fully aware of the inherent danger involved in learning this craft. All participants should expect injuries! Not limited to, but including being cut, scraped, burned, smashed, burned again, possible eye injuries by foreign body or heat, and hearing loss. Did we mention you’re going to burn yourself...a lot!!!! 

Initial _________

DogHouse Forge LLC takes every precaution to keep the shop and its environment safe. All participants are taught safety and there is a zero tolerance policy toward individuals or activities that present unnecessary danger to Doghouse Forge LLC. 

All participants are required to provide proof of a minimum of major medical insurance before any classes can be taught. 

Initial _________


 The bottom line is this: Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing is extremely dangerous. This means the possibility of serious injury is real! If managing burns, cuts, and trauma wounds is not something you’re willing to accept you cannot take this class or be in/around the Doghouse Forge shop. If getting hurt and losing a digit or appendage is not a risk you’re willing to take this is not the class for you. YOU COULD GET HURT BAD ENOUGH TO DIE!!!!

If you are injured buy the equipment, tooling, other participants, or simply because you slipped and got banged up, The Doghouse Forge LLC and its owners Jonathan Porter and Alex Eisenberg are not responsible. By signing this waiver you agree not to seek compensation or reimbursement for medical or other bills resulting from issues or injuries obtained or developed while participating in DogHouse Forge LLC blacksmithing classes. This waiver of right to sue also extends to visits or shop related activities outside of the class schedule.


Initial _______


Print Name ______________________________ Date_________

Sign here ______________________________   Date _______

Witness ______________________________ Date ________


Below you will find each levels syllabus.  Please note that with the exception of level 1 lesson 1 it is not realistic to assume students will master each lesson in one class. Most lessons will take at minimum two if not several classes to fully complete. 

Instruction outline :

*Level 1-  (estimated classes required to complete this level 6-8)

Fundamental forging / getting started  

Lesson outline - 






Lesson 1 - Safety in the workshop

                    Hand tool introduction

                    Anvil basics

                    Forge safety and operation

Lesson 2 - Drawing down steel and rounding corners

Lesson 3 - turning and bending

                   Forging the circle

Lesson 4 - Twisting basics

                    Single twist and the fullered twist

Level 1 Practical Exam -

Forge a completed Rail Road Spike Knife or hook. Finished work must include at least one twisted section. In the case of a knife design the blade must be drawn and forged. In the case of a hook design the hook must be tapered, drawn, and rounded. 

Finished work will be evaluated for cleanliness, execution of techniques, and time used to complete the project. 

*Level 2 -  (estimated classes required to complete this level 6-8)

Advancing Fundamentals

Lesson outline -


Upsetting corners

Turning  part 2

Lesson 1 - bumping and upsetting corners

                   90deg,  45deg, and long distance corners. 

Lesson 2 - scrolling basics

                    Scrolling with tapers

Lesson 3 - turning #2

                    Figure eights and eye hooks

                    Threading bolts

                    Building nuts

Level 2 Practical Exam

Forge a sign bracket. Completed projects must include at minimum one upset corner, two sections of scroll work, and two threaded eye hooks with nuts. 

Finished work will be evaluated on cleanliness, execution of technique, time management, and complexity of design. 

*Level 3 - (estimated classes required to complete this level 8-10)

Advanced fundamentals

Lesson outline - 

Forge welding

Two man Forging techniques

Slit and drift



Tenons and rivets

Forging from instructions/drawings


Lesson 1 -  Forge welding basics

                    Welding circles


Lesson 2 - Forge welding on the mandrel
Lesson 3 - two man technique

                                       -  call and respond

                                       -  sledge hammer operation

                                       -  tong operator technique

                                       -  two hammer timing

                                       -  flattening

                                       -  moving mass under two man system

Lesson 4 - slit and drift/ punch work
Lesson 5 - tenons and rivets
Lesson 6 -  building designs from drawings

Level 3 Practical Exam - 

Smiths will be required to build a completed hatchet using one of three techniques. These techniques will be given to the smiths in the form of design drawings. Each design will require attention to procedure and order of operation. While the processes are different each requires understanding of the technical lessons learned in level 3. In addition each design will require the use of a two man system in order to complete certain steps efficiently and accurately. Smiths should be competent in forge welding as each design will require multiple forge welding applications. 

*Level 4 - 
At this point in the smiths education DogHouse Forge recommends that individuals choose to focus on bladesmithing, artistic blacksmithing, or structural blacksmithing. 

This is an independent study based level with participants choosing what they would like to work on with as much guidance as necessary being giving by the instructors. 

With a focus decided upon smiths will transition to an open lesson program. This format allows the participants unlimited access to the workshop during its open hours.  Pricing at the fourth level will be set to a flat monthly rate of $200 with particpants supplying their own fuel. Materials for projects will still be provided by D.H.F. The amount of materials provided is left to the discretion of D.H.F. 


While not guaranteed, fourth level participants showing the necessary drive and determination may be offered work study opportunities which could lead to full employment with D.H.F.