Sharpening Service



DHF offers full sharpening services on all makes and models of knives with exception to serrated blades. We use Japanese Water stones and wheels up to 8,000 grit; along with a proprietary buffing, stropping, and polishing system to achieve our DHF edge. With our full line of Tormek water stone sharpening systems our blade edge geometry is 100% controllable and definable. We can accurately set bevels from as low as 10 degrees up to 75 degrees!  The final result is comparable to a 15,000 grit stone finish. 

Got a knife with major edge damage, rust, or disrepair? We take full restoration commissions on a case by case bases.   Email us at the address below and we can see what can be done!



Please use the various options below to get started!


Local Drop Off - 

We are located in Lakeland, Florida. Our showroom and drop of service are currently by appointment only. Typically, we can sharpen your knives while you wait, or deliver same day service on larger batches.  DHF blades are sharpened complimentary. Alternative brands cost $25 for a single blade order with a $10/blade additional fee for larger batches. 

For appointment please email: 


DHF Knives- 

For those with DHF blades sharpening services are complimentary. All you need to do is purchase the return shipping from the listing on the bottom of this page, and ship us your blades. Address specifics and contact info are provided with the return shipping order confirmation. 

PACK THEM WELL!!! We will reset them to like new condition and return them to you. Turnaround is usually less than a week.


Other Brands of knives - 

We hold no judgement...ok, maybe a little. lol!

We will happily sharpen other brands of cutlery. When specified, edge angles can be set per customer request from 10 deg up to 75 deg.  Unspecified knives will be set to their factory preset depending on brand. Cost are $25 for a single blade order with a $10/blade additional fee for larger batches. Please email us directly and we will build you a custom listing for your orders size and specifics, which you can then use to checkout through the website. 

please email:


Return Shipping Service for DHF knives

Please purchase this return shipping service before sending your DogHouse Forge knives. At checkout our regular shipping rate will be added to the cost of the service. The total will be $9.00. 

An address to return your knives will be provided to you at checkout. 

The website will automatically transfer your shipping info and any comments to our shipping program. 

Our shipping program will record the sale and order #, and when we are finished sharpening your knives it will automatically generate a paid shipping label. 

Important! - please clearly mark your shipment or include a copy of your receipt with your order # on it so we can track your progress and keep everything straight. 


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