Clinic Schedule and Info



Clinic Type - Beginning thru advanced knife making and bladesmithing

Dates -  Feb  3,4, and 5(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Cost - $325 + $25 materials fee  

Times - Classes begin at 8am and run until participants have completed the days activities. An hour lunch break will be taken daily at 12pm.  As a general reference daily work times will average  between 6-8 hours. 

Experience level - All levels are encouraged to attend.  Participants experience level will dictate the intensity and difficulty of the weekends project. Most beginners will forge a basic camp knife profile (6" blade and 11-12" overall length) while those with experience are encouraged to challenge themselves with previously non-attempted profiles and designs. 

Clinic summary - All participants will forge and finish a functional, heat treated blade, completed with handle work. This process will include instruction and participation in everything needed to properly build a completed knife.  This includes steel selection, forging fundamentals, grinding and grinder operation,  heat treatment processes, handle technique, blade finishing and sharpening. 

Food and beverage - Doghouse Forge provides basic beverage services including H2O and Gatorade. Lunch will be provided daily  by D.H.F. . Breakfast and dinner are the participants responsibility with several restaurants located minutes from the DogHouse. Many styles and cultural selections are available.  

Lodging - Several hotels are available with varying price ranges. 

Airport access - Tampa International Airport and Orlando International Airport are both located  approximately 1 hour from the DogHouse Forge. 


- Deposit Required  -

Due to limited class sizes participants are required to pay a $100 non refundable deposit to reserve their spot. The link below will take you to our clinic deposit page. If the listing is marked as "SoldOut" it means the clinic capacity has been met. Please contact our customer service manager  at to be placed on the waiting list.


The class outline of the clinic is as follows:

Day 1 - Intro and Saftey, steel selection for form and function, forging basics and blade forging technique, blade forging profile execution, and normalization science. 


Day 2 -grind types, grind technique and grinder operation, grinding application, preparing for hardening,intro to bladesmithing metallurgy, hardening in the forge and the ovens, quenching mediums and application, the quench and temper, basic Rockwell sciences, polishing the post temper knife cleanup. 
Day 3 - handle types and materials based on form and function. Selection of materials, application and basic shaping, art of the hand sanded approach, and application of finishes based on materials and intended use. Sharpening on the belts and stones.